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Why Choose HostonSSD

Create and expand your stable online presence and enjoy flexibility.

Fast Loading

Data access through our cloud hosting service is fast which facilitate your burden. With our reliable hosting service, you can maintain a large amount of valuable data in a virtual and secure environment.

Free Call Support

We always look forward to providing you with first-class customer service. Our team of experts provides unlimited 24/7 support, including weekends and holidays via telephone calls and emails.

Mobile Application

Host your mobile application in the cloud with HostonSSD. Our reliable technology enables each client to manage an isolated cloud server, offering a choice of free operating systems, best performance and security guarantees.

Our Domains Features

Build a successful website and increase efficiency with our effective features.

Free email account

Receive free personalized email addresses like with spam and virus protection.

DNS management

Manage your DNS records, the location of your website, email, subdomains, FTP, and more in our globally distributed DNS infrastructure.

Forwarding the masked domain

Redirect a visitor to another website by the domain name (or URL) itself when they type your domain name into a browser.

Theft Domain Protection

Lock your domain name to prevent it from being transferred to another registrar without your knowledge and permission.

Easy-to-use control panel

Easily manage your domain name, configure your e-mail account, update your domain name and other products with our intuitive dashboard cPanel.

Free Mail Forwards

Create a free email in advance and automatically forward your email to an existing email account with our efficient service.

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