Windows Virtual Private Server

Our Windows VPS hosting allows you full control over the server. Highly recommended for the websites!

Windows VPS Plan

We offer the cheapest and highest quality hosting services at all times.


0.88 GHz

512 MB

20 GB



1.17 GHz

768 MB

30 GB



1.47 GHz

1 GB

40 GB



1.96 GHz

1.5 GB

60 GB



2.43 GHz

2 GB

80 GB



3.20 GHz

2.5 GB

100 GB


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HostonSSD's Private Windows Server is powered by heavy hardware that guarantees the reliability, so your VPS platform is best suited for highly requested websites.

Our Windows VPS hosting plans are the cheapest and our qualified specialists are also available 24-7.

Our Technical Features

Get the best VPS window for hosting VPS across the industry from HostonSSD.

Plesk Control Panel
Plesk Control Panel

Buy an easy-to-use, independent Plesk control panel and manage multiple websites, emails and databases with HostonSSD.

Latest Technologies
Latest Technologies

Our Windows VPS has been pre-installed with IIS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, the latest Frontpage extensions and MySQL and MS SQL databases to update your site.

Full Admin Access
Full Administrator Access

Control your hosting, host multiple websites, install third-party software and apps or use it to surf the Internet with a fully managed HostonSSD’s Windows VPS.

Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform

Our Windows VPS hosting is delivered on a cloud-based infrastructure that avoids unnecessary work like purchasing and capacity planning and manage critical tasks.


WINDOWS VPS hosting boosts the performance of high-traffic sites.

SAN Storage

We offer you a complete storage network (SAN) which is a secure high-speed data network that can access multiple servers.

Full Scalability

Try our fast and scalable Windows Virtual Private Server to handle increased workloads by adding resources to your system.

Load Balancing

The Network Load Balancing feature in our VPS distributes traffic on multiple servers using the TCP/IP network protocol.

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